There’s mundane transportation, then there is

Art on Wheels

Like adorned, beautiful Chariots of the Past, Chariot-Art envisions classy, classic art-on-wheels as Stars of Industrial Design:  Cherry Art that is attainable to augment your Business Experience now.

These full-size ART DISPLAYS, available for use along the I-35 Corridor of Texas will:

  • Drive Traffic

  • Drive Branding

  • Drive Conversations, and 

  • Drive Sales!

Long-Term Displays

Chariot-Art is affordable advertising that is an expense and not a capital intensive cost.  These can also be customized for your Branding Purposes with your silk-screen Logo, whole-vehicle wraps or funky window graphics (Imagine you in the window with Willie Nelson or the like!). These are perfect for experiential retail environments such as:

  • Breweries

  • Wineries

  • Unique, authentic retail

Short-Term Projects

Depending on the Feature Chariot (vehicle), these are also available for Short-Term Projects, such as:

  • Pop-Up Retail

  • Photo Shoots and Backdrops

  • Videos

  • Movies

Vintage, classic experience

These are beautiful and unique vehicles that do not demand museum or behind-the-red-rope treatment.  They can be touched and felt and integrated into the routine surroundings, and the Long-Term Displays often can serve as hidden storage vestibules for chairs, supplies, seasonal displays, etc.

We invite your to inquire about Feature “Cherry-Ot-Art” vehicles on this website to serve your particular needs!

closeup photo of black analog speedometer
closeup photo of black analog speedometer

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